Personalized experiences in days, not months

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Build the segments that unlock personalized experiences and drive revenue with
LLMs and prompts, not engineers and events. Once ATLAS is installed,
you can create new segments in seconds.

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The future is here

We want — and will pay a premium for — software that knows us, knows what we're trying to accomplish, and can help us get there faster.

A lot of the discussions around PLG, UX, and onboarding boil down to building this kind of experience, but it's tough to pull off.

CDPs like Segment and Rudderstack were a fine solution to this problem pre-LLMs. Now that LLMs are here, we can do much better. ATLAS is the first CDP to deeply incorporate the new capabilities offered by LLMs.

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  • Segment your users with a prompt.

  • Confirm the LLM has correctly identified the event used to segment your users with an event replay.

  • Run ATLAS within your own Snowflake infrastructure and don't pay until we help you convert your first user with ATLAS-powered personalized experiences.